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All about ORCID

Last week ORCID published the results of its first major survey. Around 6,000 respondents globally – ORCID record holders and non record holders – provided feedback on their perceptions and understanding of ORCID. Find out what they said… Continue reading

Survey: What Do Authors Expect From Peer Review?

Stop thinking of peer review as a concept and start thinking of it as a toolbox. Continue reading

Extreme Bias: How Rejection Clouds The Eyes of Researchers

The publication experience of authors may come down to a single factor: was the manuscript accepted? Continue reading

The Generation Gap: How Society Membership Varies by Age Group

Today’s students and early career researchers and professionals will be critical to the future success of our scholarly societies and associations. How well are they being served at present and how can we ensure their support in future? Continue reading

Open Access Publication Gains Acceptance With Authors, Licenses Still Problematic

A recent survey of authors by Taylor and Francis reveals growing acceptance of open access publishing; however, Creative Commons licensing may still pose a problem. Continue reading

What Researchers Value from Publishers, Canadian Survey

Peer review, journal reputation, and fast publication were selected by Canadian researchers as the top three factors in deciding where to submit their manuscripts, trumping open access, article-level metrics, and mobile access, a recent study reports. Continue reading

Are Scientists Reading Less? Apparently, Scientists Didn’t Read This Paper

When novel, newsworthy results are discovered to be wrong, is that still news? Continue reading

Rewarding Reviewers: Money, Prestige, or Some of Both?

Are editors, reviewers and authors ready for a commercial solution to peer review? Survey results are in! Continue reading

Privatizing Peer Review — A Short Survey

Initiatives like Rubriq will succeed if they address the real needs of authors, reviewers, and editors. Take the survey and tell us what you think. Continue reading

A Call for Participation — A Survey on Book Discovery

A call to participate in a survey on how books are discovered and ultimately purchased. The survey is being conducted in cooperation with O’Reilly Media. Continue reading

Open Access — What Do Authors Really Want?

Open access publishing is a viable option, with gold OA gaining traction. But concerns remain, and funding is uncertain. Continue reading

Publish-or-Perish Culture Promotes Scientific Narcissism

Publication rewards productive scientists but has the unintended consequences of isolating scholars, reducing knowledge transfer and steering scientists away from engaging in policy and the press. Continue reading

SOAP Survey Requires Clean Interpretation of Data

Full of experimental biases and important omissions, what can be learned from the Study of Open Access Publishing (SOAP) survey of scientists? Continue reading

Open Access Repositories Lack Trust — But Is Trust Really Necessary?

Should institutional open access repositories be run like journals? Continue reading

Are Peer-Reviewers Overloaded? Or Are Their Incentives Misaligned?

Improving participation in peer-review may be a matter of finding the right combination of incentives. Continue reading

Peer Review Survey 2009

Providing incentives to reviewers may be key to improving the peer review process. Continue reading

Easier Access for Small and Medium Enterprises

Access to the scientific literature by small and medium-sized businesses is good, although it could be a lot easier, according to a new report. Continue reading

Scientific Plagiarists Talk

What do authors say when they are caught duplicating text and figures from another paper? More than you’d imagine! Continue reading

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