In this TED Talk, Amber Case, a “cyborg anthropologist,” puts into a very useful perspective the communication technologies we’re adopting. It extends some themes from yesterday’s post about the supposed “artificiality” of Internet experiences, and is overall a profound and moving talk.


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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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1 Thought on "We Are All Cyborgs Now — The Humans At the Center of Technology"

An interesting perspective, which led me to wonder about how those of us from an older generation, who are used to being self-reflective in old-fashioned ways, may experience ourselves and use this new technology differently from those who have grown up knowing nothing else. Ms. Case talks about how these youngsters have to go through two phases of adolescence, the one we’ve all gone through and then another when they learn how to present themselves via Web 2.0 networks. Maybe older folks like us have some advantages in this respect over younger generations because we have formed our own identities apart from this technological space rather than as embedded within it.

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