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Geoff Bilder and I spoke together at a session about the brave new world of publishing models today. It was my first time speaking with Geoff, which was a lot of fun. And the session went well, from what I heard.

From behind the microphone, there were some interesting things occurring to me. First, we need more power outlets! Laptops were running on empty, iPhones were exhausted, and portable recorders were about out of juice. Whoever solves the battery life problem for computing devices will be the next billionaire. In our current battery-constrained lives, being close to an outlet was primo seating. The number of people using Twitter, blogging, and otherwise occupying themselves on computers in this and other sessions today was noteworthy.

Second, we need lavalier microphones. Both Geoff and I like to pace when we talk and fire slides in sync with our thoughts. Being bound to wired hand mikes made us feel awkwardly Vegas and cheesy. But we muddled through.

In our session, the moderator introduced a special hashtag (#brave) to track questions about the talks. More than 170 tweets were made from the session. Only a small percentage were questions.

Judging from the questions and discussions in and after the session, I think the session gave some people new perspectives on their daily challenges, which is precisely what meetings like this are good at doing. You’re supposed to recharge your batteries here, right?

Another observation is that the SSP has a great membership base that’s growing in diversity. I see many people I know, but more young, early career, and international members are attending. That’s great to see, a good sign for the long-term vitality of the organization.

It was a great session. Geoff’s presentation was amusing, challenging, and irreverent — in other words, perfect. Mine went by in a blur of declaratives and lists with a few salient examples. Listening to Geoff afterwards helped me recharge, as well.

Fun, and a great crowd with strong positive energy!

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network, a past-President of SSP, and the founder of the Scholarly Kitchen. He has worked as Publisher at AAAS/Science, CEO/Publisher of JBJS, Inc., a publishing executive at the Massachusetts Medical Society, Publishing Director of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. Opinions on social media or blogs are his own.


3 Thoughts on "Recharging the Batteries"

I’m jealous! I’ve seen you present once, and it was great; I’ve seen Geoff a couple of times and was amazed. The two of you together would’ve been worth traveling to see.

The return of Geoff’s gorillas got me thinking that the metaphor is problematic. If publishers and distributors and search engines are all gorillas, doesn’t that mean they might breed together? With what result? I see different species which don’t naturally breed, so the size comparisons are apples and allen wrenches, especially since Amazon sells toasters–how can we tell how big their information distribution business is? As for plugs and batteries, I carry a 3 outlet multiplug adapter 2″x2″x2.5″–helps sharing in airports. Can I be a billionaire now? I really enjoyed the session, but find that good conferences leave me with more URLs to visit and more books to read than I’ll ever catch up with.
Trust *is* the issue. . .

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