Tufts University in Massachusetts has embraced the YouTube generation, according to a story in the Christian Science Monitor. The Tufts official admissions criteria read:

Share a one-minute video that says something about you, upload it to YouTube or another easily accessible website, and give us the URL. What you do or say is totally up to you.

The videos are purely optional, and about 1,000 out of 15,000 applicants submitted them (about 6%). The Christian Science Monitor identified a few favorites, posted below:

I also found this one by searching YouTube for “Tufts supplement.” There are plenty out there:

Some may hurt more than they help:

In any event, the video supplement seems to reveal a side of the applicants that a pure paper application can’t. There is the risk that college admissions may become based somewhat on factors as superficial as appearance, telegenic qualities, and showmanship.

Personally, I’d be submitting just paper . . .

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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