sk podcastIn this episode, the University of North Carolina’s Jason Priem, originator of the term “altmetrics” and co-founder (with Heather Piwowar) of ImpactStory, talks with podcast host Stewart Wills about using tweets, bookmarks, and other measures of online influence alongside more traditional citation-based metrics of scholarly impact, the road to community acceptance, and just when and how altmetrics might stop being looked at as quite so “alt.”


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4 Thoughts on "Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Jason Priem on Altmetrics, Today and Tomorrow"

Great podcast. Nice to hear something modern & relevant on the scholarly kitchen.

The discussions of relativity and dimensionality (just after half way) are particularly interesting. Really enjoyed this anyway — thanks.

“At some point it will be just ‘metrics’…” 😀

A big picture question that springs to mind after listening to the podcast is whether this is a movement to create more accurate metrics or a movement to redefine what we consider to be a productive and successful researcher? Is the idea to find better ways to measure performance against current goals or to create an entirely new set of goals altogether?

Perhaps a bit of both?

I suppose the interesting follow-up question would then be to think about how much those new goals should be influenced by how easy things are to measure. It’s really difficult to come up with concrete measurements for quality and impact but much easier to find indicators of interest and attention. On some level, should the ability to measure a factor influence whether we consider that factor to be important?

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