sk podcastIn this episode, Mitch Joel, the president of the digital marketing firm Twist Image and the author of the book Ctrl Alt Delete, talks with host Stewart Wills about how today’s professionals need to change their perspective about both their businesses and their lives, and adopt “digital-first” thinking, to survive and thrive in the current era of technology-driven change.


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1 Thought on "Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Mitch Joel on Rebooting Your Business, and Your Life"

Great job, Stewart. I love the idea of getting some voices that are not directly in publishing or scholarly publishing in the podcast. You and Mitch were very informative!

It was all helpful, but I especially agree with Mitch’s comments about our lives as consumers need to inform our efforts in product development. It really is where our expectations are often formed and we carry those expectations with us where ever we go.

(The sex with data,”squiggly career,” and living in start-up mode points were great too – but I’ll let everyone listen to figure out what they are)

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